Looking for a Christmas Gathering to help you bring in the Holiday?

Despite the myriad of challenges, we’re planning to host Christmas Eve experiences downtown at Grandstreet Theatre.  What you can expect is an experience that bears strong resemblance to what we’ve created past years at the Civic Center, but in a more socially distanced yet beautiful environment at Grandstreet Theatre.  Each gathering will last 70 minutes including lots of Christmas tunes, a brief message about how a birth 2000 years ago can help us make sense of a global pandemic, and a couple video elements.  Kids, 3 year-olds thru 5th grade, can either choose to attend the adult gathering or enjoy the specially created kids experience with Narrate Kids.  There will also be a nursery for babies and toddlers ages 6 weeks through 3 years old.

How do you get tickets?

Here’s the process.  Let us know the name and size of your party as well as the particular gathering you’d like to attend – December 20th @ 9 am & 11 am and December 24th @ 1 pm & 3 pm – and we will get you tickets along with seat assignments.  This process helps us ensure that social distancing is observed and that everyone wanting a seat has one.  Rest assured your group will be seated 6-feet from other groups.  Also, if your kids are attending with you they will need a seat, and if they’re planning to attend the kids specific gathering we need to know that in advance too.


Ready to snag your tickets or still have questions?  Email Hannah @ hannah@narratechurch.org.