How can I connect? From day one we’ve abided by the principle that says, “If you start with relationship, you’ll never get to serving others but if you start with serving others you’ll get to relationships.” With that in mind we’ve purposely created an imperfect relational model, namely, come serve with us and in time you will meet the kinds of people you care to get to know on a deeper level. To be sure, there are many “small groups” and deep friendships around Narrate, but we’ve made a point to allow them to emerge as a result of serving people together. We see the organization’s role as providing platforms upon which friendships can emerge.

We also value leaving space for people to hide. Some people visit a Sunday Gathering eager to meet people, others need to hide. Those that need to hide want to be the last in the door and the first out. Sometimes people need to exist this way for years before deciding they’re ready to connect. We value creating space for people to hide because we value creating experiences that allow people to rethink their core beliefs about life and God. All this means is that when you’re ready to connect, the culture is predicated upon you being an activator. This means you’ll need to be more invested in your need to form relationships than we are.

So, if you’re ready to connect, we’d love for you to serve with us on Sundays by jumping onto one of our Sunday Teams (Set Up, Band, Hospitality, Kids, Tech, Tear Down) or by Scattering with us.

There are also a few standing options as well as many seasonal classes, which you’ll find listed below.

Women’s Gathering

Andy Darling leads a friendly women’s gathering every second Wednesday from 6:15pm-8pm. They discuss the current message series and spend time learning together. All are very welcome! Please email for more details.

Starting Point 2019

G’day Everyone! Kate here! A while ago, I came across a great class taught by Andy Stanley called Starting Point. It’s for people who; are curious about God, have a new relationship with Jesus or are returning to church after being away for a while. This class gives you a unique opportunity to explore faith, see the larger picture and be able to ask questions in a safe, accessible environment.

If you’d like more information about the next Starting Point class please contact Kate (