Hello, and welcome to Narrate Church of Helena! Whether you’re a current member, you’re looking for a new church, or you’ve never belonged to a church, we’re happy you found us! Our mission is to be the kind of church that exists to benefit everyone within our community, not just our members. We want to make the world a better place for believers and non-believers alike. If you’re looking for a different kind of Christian church, we invite you to attend one of our services, help out with a community event, or just send us an email. All are welcome!

So, what is Narrate church all about? In our first blog, we’d like to share some of our beliefs as well as some of the ways we like to support our members and the surrounding community. Keep reading to learn how our faith and service work hand in hand to build a stronger connection to God.

Our Beliefs

We share many of the same beliefs as other Christian churches, but our dedication to service and helping others is how we choose to live out those beliefs. While we certainly believe that Jesus is Lord and the Bible is our source of truth, at Narrate Church we also have guiding principles that support our core beliefs and help us grow in faith and as a community. At Narrate Church, we believe the following:

  • Faith evolves
  • Generosity always wins
  • Pursuing faith in our community is difficult, yet worth it
  • The church is the means, not the end
  • Disciples are servants, first and foremost
  • Character and virtue matter
  • Spirituality is about willfulness and surrender
  • Nothing is more important than relationships
  • Questions can be more powerful than answers

Gathering and Scattering

The concept of “Gathering and Scattering” is at the heart of everything we do at Narrate Church. On Sundays we gather and then we scatter on the remaining six days to serve others. We seek opportunities to serve people in our community, making their lives better as well as ours. As we build our relationships with others and the community, we also work toward a stronger connection with God.

Tackle Real and Relevant Issues

Some people may feel like church is outdated. How can sitting through a reading out of a 2,000+-year old book be relevant to your life now? At Narrate Church, we put things into perspective. We like to tackle topics related to money, marriage, and relationships. Give us a few Sundays of your time and you’ll quickly realize that church can be very relevant — no matter what you’re going through in your life.

A Place For All

Narrate Church is truly a place for all. You are welcome to join us no matter what you believe, where you’re from, what has happened in your life, and regardless of marital status, economic status, or sexual orientation. See what it’s like to finally find a place where you belong. We hope you’ll join us this week for Sunday service at the historic Grandstreet Theater!