While we gather every Sunday at Grandstreet, we “scatter” the other six days of the week. Our mission is to be the kind of church that exists to benefit everyone within our community, not just our members. We reach out to those in need with the hope that the most avid critic of Christianity would be disappointed if our church suddenly ceased to exist. We seek opportunities to serve people in our community, whether that be in our everyday lives and interactions or as volunteers coming together through our monthly scattering events. Our members aim to serve and love people in tangible and caring ways.


We strive to be a church that remains active and involved within our Helena community. Through four annual events, we aim to consistently add value to our community and downtown Helena. These events include Christmas Eve services, an Easter Egg hunt, the Mt. Helena Run, and Ales for Trails.

Scattering – September 28th

You are not going to want to miss out on our upcoming scattering event! Come and join us for our September scattering on Saturday the 28th from 9 am – 1 pm! We will have a few different opportunities for you to get involved in serving our community and connecting with others.

  1. We will be assisting the City of Helena with the Beattie St. Trailhead project, which will include fencing work.
  2. We will be doing some minor repairs, cleaning, and painting at Kindrick Field, our local baseball field.
  3. We will partner with the YWCA. They have several rooms that need to be deep-cleaned so new women can enter the program. We will also be assembling hospitality baskets and welcome notes for new residents!
  4. And last but not least, we will be assisting a couple in various home repairs.

If you’d like to get involved, or need some more info, please contact Hannah at We look forward to serving alongside you!

Families With Heart is dedicated to improving the lives of disabled children and families in the underdeveloped country of Ecuador. The mission is to coordinate donations from sponsor families and direct the funds to specific needs of disabled children.

Families With Heart is seeking sponsorships of disabled/special needs kids. Sponsorships involve a minimum 3-month commitment of $30/month. General donations are also accepted. Funds are used for the specific needs of the disabled child/adult and may be directed toward physical, occupational, and speech therapies; medications; or basic needs if they are currently unmet. Sponsors/donators will be updated on progress every 6 months.

To become a sponsor or to find out more information about Families With Heart, you can visit the website or email or you can contact Bob Oleary at 406.461.9131 or Theresa Huschka at 406.861.4970.