Creatures of Struggle

What if religion implies two-way communication between us and God? We speak often about the need to listen, but what if there’s also a need to learn to speak? What if God finds value in us learning to take our turn?

But what are we supposed to say and how are we supposed to say it? To what degree is it important to God that we say the right things the right way?

Enter Psalms. For most of my Jesus-life I’ve found the Psalms too abstract, too emotive, and just plain too weird. But what if the Psalms represent the value God places on you and me learning to take our turn? And what if the Psalms affirm God doesn’t need what we say to be sanitized or even accurate? What if God’s priority is us learning to speak? What if the Psalms model for us what happens when Creatures of Struggle learn the value of two-way communication with God?



Over four weeks this summer we’re going to spend some time looking at the Psalms. Below is a summary of the topics and details (as well as the Sunday calendar thru August 23rd).

  • July 2nd: Struggling to Speak
  • July 12th: Hannah!!
  • July 19th: Struggling with Rage
  • July 26th: Tommy!!
  • August 2nd: Hannah!!
  • August 9th: Struggling with Time
  • August 16th: Struggling with Black and White
  • August 23rd: Calling All Owners


Watch now:

June 28th  – A Cucumber Is Not A Pickle