The Gospel According to Matthew, Part 2

Who is truly good? What is the truly good life? Both are questions this cultural moment begs us to examine, rethink, and shape the future around. Can Jesus help?

For 2000 years, Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount has been lauded for its insight around what it means to be human and how one achieves lasting goodness. Perhaps we do well to do what many before us have done, and that’s take a long look at Jesus’s insights and then decide if it’s a view of the world worth giving yourself to live out?

We’d love for us to join us starting June 6th as we continue in The Gospel According to Matthew series.

Upcoming Weeks

  • June 6th: Since We’re on the Topic of Brutality – Matthew 5v21-26
  • June 13th: Since We’re on the Topic of Sexuality – Matthew 5v 27-32 – Mind Map
  • June 20th: A Way with Words – Matthew 5v33-37 – Mind Map
  • June 27th: Loving Our Enemies – Matthew 5v38-48 – Mind Map
  • July 11th: Sabotage By Way of People Pleasing – Matthew 6v1-18 – Mind Map
  • July 18th: Sabotage By Way of Scarcity – Matthew 6v1-24 – Mind Map
  • July 25th: Non-Coercive Love – Matthew 7v1-12 – Mind Map
  • August 1st: Why Pray?
  • August 8th: What if Following Jesus is Difficult?
  • August 15th: Faith, Belief, and Christian Deconstructionism
  • August 22nd: A Warning About Little Faith

Past Weeks

  • October 4th: What if Jesus Is More Than Your Personal Spiritual Director & The Gospel is About Way More Than Private Spirituality? – Mind Map
  • October 11th: Blame God, People in Power Was His Idea – Mind Map
  • October 18th: A Civil Discourse Real Play
  • October 25th: Transcending Control Via Condemnation – Mind Map
  • October 30th: You Want Me to Pray for Who? – Mind Map
  • November 1st: Narrate Prayer Gathering – Guide
  • November 8th: Jesus 101 – Mind Map
  • November 15th: The Art of Letting Go – Mind Map Q&A
  • November 22nd: Doing the Work of Thanksgiving, Despite COVID – Mind Map
  • November 29th: Jesus and Mr. Potato Head – Mind Map
  • December 6th: An Invitation to Rethink Your Job – Mind Map
  • December 13th: Rethinking Fear – Mind Map
  • December 24, 2020: Confusion + Attention = Growth – Mind Map
  • January 3, 2021: A More Hospitable Approach – Mind Map
  • January 10, 2021: Centering Prayer 101 – Mind Map
  • January 17, 2021: Making Peace with the Future – Mind Map
  • January 24, 2021: Slow Down – Mind Map
  • January 31st: Scary Fact – Bad is Stronger Than Good – Mind Map
  • February 7th: Scary Fact – Relationally Speaking, Bad is Stronger Than Good – Mind Map
  • February 14th: Q & A with Roy Baumeister
  • February 21st: Scary Fact – Life Has a Way of Encouraging a Low View of People – Mind Map
  • February 28th: Adam I Versus Adam II – Mind Map
  • March 7th: Beyond Moral Individualism – Mind Map
  • March 14th: A Critical Approach to Sacred Scripture – Mind Map
  • March 21st: A Thanks, A Question, and An Invitation Walk Into a Gathering – Mind Map
  • March 28th: It’s Not A Straight Line – Mind Map
  • April 4th: Easter 2021 – Why Did Jesus Frame His Death Around Passover? – Mind Map
  • April 11th: Matthew 1 – No Social Distancing Required – Mind Map
  • April 18th: Matthew 2 – Quickly Forgotten and Easily Replaced, But… – Mind Map
  • April 25th: Learning to Walk in the Dark – Hannah – Mind Map
  • May 2nd: Matthew 3 – Accountable to Who? – Mind Map
  • May 9th: Gay will be speaking on Mother’s Day!
  • May 16th: What Was Jesus Favorite Story? (Matthew 3v13-4v17) – Mind Map
  • May 23rd: God’s Benchwarmers (Matthew 4v18-5v16) – Mind Map

Watch now:

April 25th – Learning to Walk in the Dark