What’s Next?

The next 3 weeks are standalone gatherings and will be opportunities to hear from Adam on November 8th and 22nd and Tommy on November 15th.

Upcoming Weeks

  • November 8th: Jesus 101 – Mind Map
  • November 15th: The Art of Letting Go – Mind Map Q&A
  • November 22nd: Doing the Work of Thanksgiving, Despite COVID – Mind Map

Past Series – The Truth is in the Tension

  • October 4th: What if Jesus Is More Than Your Personal Spiritual Director & The Gospel is About Way More Than Private Spirituality? – Mind Map
  • October 11th: Blame God, People in Power Was His Idea – Mind Map
  • October 18th: A Civil Discourse Real Play
  • October 25th: Transcending Control Via Condemnation – Mind Map
  • October 30th: You Want Me to Pray for Who? – Mind Map
  • November 1st: Narrate Prayer Gathering – Guide

Watch now:

November 8th: Jesus 101