Poor Choices

For the month of March, we’re having a conversation around money, possessions, consumerism, the lust for things, and the counter-cultural value called generosity.  I promise it’s not a series with any kind of catch at the end; we’re not in a budget shortfall nor are we launching any kind of capital campaign.  What we are doing is spending a few weeks examining generosity as a core value and maybe a secret to fulfillment.  In my mind it’s a series for those of you who are students of generosity, for those who are overwhelmed by personal finances and looking for new answers, and for those intrigued but still confused.

The series will break-down the following ways:

  • March 8th – Generosity 101 – What lies behind the value?

  • March 15th – What are the unique dangers of our affluent culture?

  • March 22nd – Zooming Out – What’s likely to be the final analysis?

  • March 29th – (A Very Special Surprise You Won’t Want to Miss)