Over a year ago we embarked on a chapter by chapter, sometimes story by story, look at the Gospel According to Matthew.  Though we didn’t know it at the time, we were responding to a craving to simplify our faith by getting back to the one who makes it great, Jesus of Nazareth.  Rather than talk about him second or third person, we dove deep into the stories about him, his character, and the invitation to be his disciples.  Shockingly, along the way we’ve discovered any conversation about Jesus’ life “back then” naturally reaches into our lives today, in 21st century Helena, MT.

This Spring, starting April 24th, we’re returning to The Gospel According to Matthew.  We will pick up where we left off before Lent, which means we’re picking up with Jesus coming down off the Mountain of Transfiguration in Matthew chapter 17.

We’d love for you to join us every Sunday at 9 am or 10:45 downtown at Grandstreet Theatre.

Upcoming Weeks

  • April 24: A Faith That Benefits Others? Matthew 17v14-23 Mind Map
  • May 1: Dr. Dan Brunner – Crossing Over to the Other Side – Mark 6v45-53
  • May 8: Mother’s Day
  • May 15: Jesus, More Than a Ramrod? Matthew 17v24-18v35 – Mind Map
  • May 22:
  • May 29: No Gatherings

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