Save Me From My Cell Phone

As parents, as employees, as students, as God-followers, as addicts, as the anxious, the lonely, the numb…how ought we engage our digital devices?  How seriously should we understand the inner workings of the attention economy? To what degree do our digital practices impact our anxiety, our loneliness, our energy, and our sense of God-given purpose in this world?  How do we parent in our current screen based culture?

Can you think of a more significant challenge than the challenge to manage the way you engage your devices?  Distraction is rampant. Numbing seems normative. We’re bored but can’t think of anything to do. Experts tell us parenting is more difficult than ever, which must mean the challenges our students face are also greater than ever.  All this to ask, what’s the prevailing wisdom around healthy device habits?

Enter Cal Newport.  I’ve been a fan of Cal Newport’s work for years.  He has a way of inviting people to rise above what’s normal in order to more fully experience life.  Frankly, I don’t know what he thinks about Jesus, but I find his work quickly nudges me back to Jesus and his Kingdom invitation.  If Jesus is the grand champion of living, if Jesus truly makes our lives better and makes us better at life, then I think it essential that we start thinking more intentionally about the way we engage our screens, especially our phones.  I don’t want to get caught railing against, but I do want to create a safe place for conversation about best practices with our attention and energy.

For four weeks in February we want to explore all the above.  We’re calling the series, Save Me From My Cell Phone.  It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, and it’s a bit literal.  And we promise, this won’t be about old fashioned people railing against the changing times; it’ll be about intentional people asking the hard questions to ensure their desire for purpose, connection and wholeness gets met.

Here’s the plan:

  • February 2nd: The Modern Day Marlboro Man

  • February 9th: Channeling Your Inner Thoreau, The Lost Art of Silence and Solitude

  • February 16th: Channeling Your Inner Martha Stewart, The Lost Art of Hobbies

  • February 23rd: Channeling Your Inner Mr. Rogers, The Lost Art of Friendships