Advent 2021 – What are You Waiting For?

Most can agree, the world is not working. But what if finding our way forward doesn’t require reinventing the wheel? What if dusting off the Christmas stories and viewing them through the lens of the 1st century provides us with a narrative worth living into? How might their stories help us better understand and navigate these times?

Enter Advent 2021, or what we’re calling, What are You Waiting For?

This December, we’re going to step away from Matthew long enough to observe Advent.  The hope is we can find our way forward by considering the value of using the season to remind ourselves that at the end of the day, Jesus’ followers are people called to live within five movements: Waiting, Exile, a Penultimate Perspective, a Vocational Identity, and Accommodation/Resistance.  Sound like a lot?  It kind of is, but we’re hopeful it can also create some solid handles as we wait our way forward.

Upcoming Weeks

  • November 28th: It’s Like a Babushka Doll – Luke 1v5-25 – Mind Map and Week 1 Discussion Guide
  • December 5th: What’s a “Penultimate Perspective”? – Luke 2v22-38 – Mind Map and Week 2 Discussion Guide
  • December 12th: Vocational Identity – Luke 3v1-20
  • December 19th: Accommodation and Resistance – Luke 1v26-38; 46-56

Past Weeks

  • June 6th: Since We’re on the Topic of Brutality – Matthew 5v21-26
  • June 13th: Since We’re on the Topic of Sexuality – Matthew 5v 27-32 – Mind Map
  • June 20th: A Way with Words – Matthew 5v33-37 – Mind Map
  • June 27th: Loving Our Enemies – Matthew 5v38-48 – Mind Map
  • July 11th: Sabotage By Way of People Pleasing – Matthew 6v1-18 – Mind Map
  • July 18th: Sabotage By Way of Scarcity – Matthew 6v1-24 – Mind Map
  • July 25th: Non-Coercive Love – Matthew 7v1-12 – Mind Map
  • August 1st: Why Pray?
  • August 8th: Do All “Ways” Lead to Human Flourishing? – Matthew 7v13-29 – Mind Map
  • August 15th: How Does Jesus Want Us to Believe? – Matthew 8v1-17 – Mind Map
  • August 22nd: Little Faith and Your Imagined Future – Mind Map
  • August 29th: A Year (and a Half) In Review – Mind Map
  • September 12th: What’s the Value of Forgiveness? What’s the Cost? – Matthew 9v1-13 – Mind Map
  • September 19th: Decided, Amazed or Open? – Matthew 9v14-34 – Mind Map
  • September 26th: A Transition to Sent? – Matthew 9v35-10v42 – Mind Map
  • October 3rd: A “Love Your Enemies” Field Test – Matthew 11v1-19 – Mind Map
  • October 10th: A Simpler Way Forward? – Matthew – 11v20-12v14 – Mind Map
  • October 17th: 1 Corinthians: RECALIBRATE – Brian Hopkins
  • October 24th: Clear On Vocation? – Matthew 12v15-21 – Mind Map
  • October 31st: Accounting for Evil – Matthew 12v22-50 – Mind Map
  • November 7th: Which Kind of Soil Are You? – Matthew 13v1-23 – Mind Map
  • November 14th: Get the Hell Out! – Matthew 13v24-53 – Mind Map
  • November 21st: The Trouble With Family – Matthew 13v54-58 – Mind Map

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