The Truth is in the Tension

In 2009 we launched Narrate with a high value for being a place where people from both sides of the political aisle could feel safe and could count on being challenged. Eleven years later creating this kind of 50/50 community is more difficult than ever, you can probably feel it!

What if this election season poses one of our greatest challenges as well as most opportune leadership moments? What if we could do well what very few are likely to do well? What if we could model a different way of showing up in our community this election season? What if this doesn’t require that we put our head in the sand? What if we could find a way to feel compelled by Jesus to engage politically while also allowing that others may arrive at different perspectives? What if we could enjoy authentic relationships with those we do and do not agree with? What if we could remain a 50/50 community through and beyond this election cycle?

This month we’re launching a series called The Truth is in the Tension. Our goals are simple, but demanding. We want to ask big questions about how God wants us to engage in the world and we want to ask big questions about how to be engaged while also interacting with others as a thriving apprentice of Jesus. I assure you this isn’t a series that aims to tell you how to think politically but it will most certainly be a series that challenges all of us to engage, to approach issues through a Jesus lens, and to acknowledge that this will still lead to diverse political convictions.

Current Series

  • October 4th: What if Jesus Is More Than Your Personal Spiritual Director & The Gospel is About Way More Than Private Spirituality? – Mind Map
  • October 11th: Blame God, People in Power Was His Idea – Mind Map
  • October 18th: A Civil Discourse Real Play
  • October 25th: Transcending Control Via Condemnation – Mind Map
  • October 30th: You Want Me to Pray for Who?
  • November 1st: Narrate Prayer Gathering – Guide
  • November 8th: The Powerful Foolishness of God Versus The Foolish Power of the World

Past Series

  • August 9th: Struggling with Anger – Mind Map  Q&A
  • August 16th: Struggling with Fear – Mind Map  Q&A
  • August 23rd: God and the Pandemic – Mind Map  Q&A
  • August 30th: Wait AND Plan – Mind Map
  • September 13th: Permission to Need – Mind Map
  • September 20th: Better Than Masturbation – Mind Map
  • September 27th: We’re Planting a Church! – Mind Map   Q&A

Watch now:

October 18th  – A Civil Discourse Real Play