The Gospel According to Matthew

This January we’re jumping back into The Gospel of Matthew. We will pick up where we left off, which means on January 9th we’ll jump into chapter 14. For those of you new to Narrate, we started working our way through the Gospel of Matthew one-ish chapter at a time in April of 2020. At the time we couldn’t quite articulate why, though later it became clear what we were after. More than anything, we’re attempting to take a close look at the life and person of Jesus with the hope for a faith experience that rises above the noise of our current cultural moment. We’re not trying to be a conservative church, or a progressive church, but instead we’re hoping we can find the way of Jesus in our current context, and honor the rich history of those before us.

Upcoming Weeks

  • January 9th: A Hero’s Tale – Matthew 14v1-21 – Mind Map
  • January 16th: What’s On Your Mind? – Justin Willcut- Mind Map
  • January 23rd: Jesus, Hero of the World? – Matthew 14v22-33 – Mind Map
  • January 30th: Faith, Food and Other Spiritual Practices – Matthew 14v34-15v28 – Mind Map
  • February 6: The Power of Mere Ideas – Matthew 15v29-16v12
  • February 13: Super Questions on the Day of the Super Bowl – Matthew 16v13-26
  • February 20: An Intro to Lent, Two Weeks Early
  • February 27: The Transfiguration – Matthew 16v27-17v13
  • March 2: Ash Wednesday @ 326 – Noon & 5:30pm

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