Eternity is Now

What if eternity is not somewhere else or some other moment?  What if, by Jesus’ definition, eternity is now – this moment, with God?  Not the ideal moment, not the next moment, not the post Covid-19 moment – this moment?  Here’s the way I’ve been saying it to myself since mid-February, “If Jesus works, he works in all circumstances.”  Not just when we’re young, healthy, winning or otherwise happy, but also when we’re suffering, when we’re not particularly thrilled with the circumstances, when we’re scared, confused, or flat out in pain!  For this to be true it would mean salvation isn’t about the future but about a with-God-life now; it would mean Jesus’ definition of eternity is now!

Starting May 17th we’re launching a brand new series called Eternity is Now.  We intend to delve deep into Jesus’ invitation to step into eternity now!

The series will break-down the following ways:

  • May 17th: Rethinking Spirituality
  • May 24th: Awakening
  • May 31st: Purgation
  • June 7th: Illumination
  • June 14th: Change Able

Watch now: May 17th Rethinking Spirituality